Tuesday, 7 January 2020

All Inahsi Wash Day!

This wash day happened a few weeks ago but it was without a doubt my best wash day since starting the Curly Girl Method so it had to be documented here. I've loved Inahsi Naturals for a while but had never washed and styled using just their products alone. I was expecting it to be good I just wasn't prepared for how much I loved it!

I adore the story behind the brand. Started by Rhonda in her kitchen! Rhonda is a chemist and was also a high school chemistry teacher. When she left teaching, her family persuaded her to try and formulate her own hair products and Inahsi was born. Her dedication is one of a kind. Every Sunday night she goes live on their Instagram page trying to help others love their waves, curl, kinks and coils. On every bottle the slogan, "Loving the you that you were born into" is printed. I love that.

I started with the Tropical Escape Cleansing Cowash. My hair doesn't tolerate cowashing very often but it loved this! The smell is beautiful and reminds me of a spa. I felt like I had to use more of the cowash than I would typically use but it was so moisturising that I didn't mind.

I followed up with the Soothing Mint Moisturising Conditioner. I've used this before but not for a few months. It's lightweight which is a must for my low porosity hair. It makes detangling a breeze and has great slip. I'm also a sucker for anything that has a minty scent.

To style I used my favourite Coconut Avocado Curl Defining Custard. I pretty much use this every wash day now. You only need a little and it goes a long way! When I first started using this I was applying way too much and it was weighing my hair down but since I've figured out the perfect amount for my hair I haven't had a problem. It is strong hold and gives a rock solid cast. I can get multiple days from just that one application on wash day.

To scrunch out the crunch I used the Aloe Hibiscus Leave In. My hair hates using a leave in the traditional way. It's too much for my fine hair. I had never used it to SOTC before but on this day I did and I was amazed! I only used a tiny bit but it was just enough to lock in some extra moisture.

You can purchase direct from Inahsi or if you're in England like me then Naturalistic Products carry the whole range! Have you tried Inashi? I'd love to hear your thoughts! 


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